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  • This week we see 3 horses leaving to new owners.

    Our horses are doing well ! This week we see 3 horses leaving to new owners. This time it concerns a stall...

    2 foals offered at Burculo elite auction

    On September 15, 2 of our foals will be offered at the Borculo elite auction at Paleis Soestdijk. We offer an exce...

    Not 1 but 2 foals at Borculo elite auction

    On September 15 it isthat time of the year again ! Borculo Elite auction at castle Soestdijk. We are very ple...

    Exceptional Tangelo foal on Equbreeding auction

    We offer an exceptional foal on Equbreeding.auction ! A beautiful colt by Tangelo van de Zuuthoeve combi...

    All foals are born !

    Because of the busyness during the breeding season, we were not able to announce every birth online.... Now that a...

    Amazing colt born

    Last night a colt was born out of our top mare ...

    Volle broer Taj Mahal duurste veulen op Equestrian veiling

    Afgelopen weekend werd tijdens de Beker van België voor jonge springpaarden de eerste live en online veiling v...

    Equestrian Auction @ JV stables was groot succes

    Het was zover, de veiling van Equestrian auctions in de stallen van Jan vermeiren te Wuustwezel. Wij boden tijdens...

    Wilm Vermeir valt al meteen op met Chacco-Me Biolley

    Nadat eerder dit jaar Wilm Vermeir de teugels overnam van onze goedgekeurde dekhengst Chacco-Me Biolley, ging de heng...

    Onze beloftevolle Heartbreaker geeft Taj Mahal veulen

    Onze zéér beloftevolle Heartbreaker merrie is mama geworden van een prachtig Taj Mahal veulen. In de...

    Red bag delivery loopt goed af !

    Soms loopt niet alles volgens planning. Een red bag delivery stond niet op de planning. Gelukkig hebben we snel kunne...

    Number 2 is also a filly

    Number 2 is also a filly ! Last night new life entered the stable. A long-legged filly by Tangelo van de Zuuthoeve...

    first foal born

    The head is off! And how ! Last night a beautiful filly was born of Tangelo van de Zuuthoeve combined with Deja Vu...

    end of partnership with Roy Van Beek

    In Mechelen, the rumours were already in the air and we were asked several times about this. We hereby wish to con...

    Happy new year and good luck for 2023

    2022 was the year of the comeback.... We got to go back to competition, back to travel, back together after the co...

    Welcome to sports and breeding stables De Regenwortelhoeve

    Welcome to regenwortelhoeve.be. Regenwortelhoeve was born out of a passion for horses and has grown to a professional company specialized in breeding, buying and selling horses.

    In the first branch of the company, the breeding, we try to use the best Mare lines. Some examples are Nina R (v. Lucky One), the mother of Quannan-R (v. Kannan), which managed to win many great prizes with Marc Bettinger, and Chill R Z (Chellano Z) reserve for the London Olympic Games for USA with Charlie Jayne; M. Wellie 22 (v. Cassini I), the mother of Vainqueur R (v. Darco), which was active at level 1.60 m with Sven Van Dijck, and Vici R (v. Darco), which is currently still running at 1.60 m with Sven, and Roxy van 't Merelsnest (v. Rex Z), half-sister of Sapphire and Qarco van 't merelsnest. Recently we were able to expand the breeding with descendants of Cold as Ice Z and Fein Cera (two legendary mares that have proven themselves on the highest level).

    The second branch of the company, the sports and commercial stable has evolved over the years.

    Well known horses sold from our stable are:

     - Oxytetra (Urs Faeh )

     - Quannan R ( Marc Bettinger )

     - Chill R Z ( Charlie Jane )

     - Be Cool ( B.A. van Gelderen )

     - Garlic van de Kapelhof ( Ramzy Al-Duhami )

    On this website you will find everything about the horses and events on our stable.
    We welcome you and wish you happy reading.

    With sportive regards,

    Team member's contribution

  • Rika Hollants

    Rider young horses

    Caroline Gommeren


    In reproduction, other mathematical laws apply. one + one is not necessarily two.

    Ludo Tielen


    The history of mankind is carried on a horse's back

    Yannick Tielen

    responsible breeding

    Horses are no passion or sport, it's a way of life.

    Daniël Matras


    The horse is the most important part of the rider.

    Cis Van Hoydonck