Best Wishes for 2024

Best Wishes for 2024

2023 was the year of confirmation, change, challenge and reinvigoration.

With the change of some riders, we needed a small adjustment period in our stable. But Chacco me Biolley performed exceptionally with Wilm Vermeir, up to even in the 5* in Poland. Fortune R Z also did extremely well under Wilm Vermeir's saddle. 

Cis Van Hooydonck impressed with Calisto R Z, Kalamaki R Z and Quantum III R Z and lifted the horses to a better level.

Furthermore, we saw several horses get a new home, a home they deserved.

Of course, not everything was good news, as we saw that selections at the auctions were much more difficult and places were very limited. The auction houses also saw that they had to cut back and prices were quite lower than in previous years.

This creates challenges in breeding and made us think about the future for a while. This rethinking is good and important because it sets the vision and passion for the coming years....  

Let us hope that we can go the right way in 2024 and that we may be as successful as we were in 2022 and 2023 and let us wish you the same.